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TNG is people doing a job they love, and getting through the day. Part of this is undoubtedly because of the movies; Star Trek: Generations was being filmed when the show ended, and that limited the degree of shake-up the writers could pull.

These 10 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation set trends, took risks, and experimented...

As mentioned, the finale, with all three ships destroying themselves one after the other is thrilling, and the episode moves at a good clip throughout; for the first time in ages, we have a two-part episode that never feels overly padded or self-indulgent. It also never feels like a two-part episode, since it was designed to be shown as a single unit. The change is more obvious in Future Picard, a old man made bitter by years of obsolescence and loneliness, but even Past Picard is distinct, the somewhat cold, distant leader the character was at the start of the show.

As for the other characters, the future comes off the clearest, and also the most depressing, a not-completely awful place which is nonetheless disappointing. Yay, Picard and Beverly got married! Yay, Data is a professor at Cambridge! Yay, Worf and Riker have risen in power! Better, his involvement in the finale goes a long way towards justifying the plot. Nothing exists in isolation; everyone matters.

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There will always be new frontiers. It all ends with a poker game, as is only fair.

Star Trek: Q's Lessons

The stairs are steep, the air is thin, and the way is dark. Commander Remmick Robert Schenkkan to explosive results. It's the favorite episode of TNG property master Alan Sims, who had to use all of his talents for the hour. Tasha Yar's death famously came from actress Denise Crosby's desire to leave Trek though she would later return as an alternate timeline version of character and then, the character's daughter, Sela. It's shocking for killing off a main character, and her funeral gives us an early example of Data's journey to understanding humanity.

The surprisingly funny and touching episode showed Data dealing with loss after he creates — and loses — a daughter. Noonien Soong — who has called his sons home to say goodbye as he nears death. There's a real sweetness to Lore, who is genuinely upset when he learns Dr.

“All Good Things… ” / “All Good Things… ”

Soong is dying, though that's undone when Lore attacks his father later in the episode, which also introduces the notion of Data's emotions chip. The shine starts to come off Commander Riker in this episode in which he's forced to come to terms between the demands of his duty to the Enterprise, and to his former commanding officer, who is up to no good. In many ways, this episode feels like a mix between the holier-than-thou TNG and the less perfect original series, giving Riker's blind loyalty to his superiors a long overdue exploration.

Of course, his former superior officer is none other than Terry O'Quinn, showing both slightly more hair and slightly more humanity than he would as Lost 's John Locke. The teaser, showing the Enterprise being destroyed, may just be the greatest opening in Star Trek history. The crossovers between The Next Generation and the original series were remarkably few, as if those working on the new show were fully aware of the potential that it would be overcome by nostalgia.

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This late-era episode — which brought James Doohan's Scotty back from the void to deal with the fact that most of those he knew were now gone — threatened to be every bit as sentimental as that synopsis sounds, but managed to avoid that fate thanks to some nice performances from Doohan and LeVar Burton's Geordi LaForge, and a great script from future Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D.

I know — like every night! Star Trek always struck gold when Picard entered the court room, and in this episode he spoke out after one of his crew was the victim of a witch hunt, partially for being a quarter Romulan not Vulcan, as he said on his Starfleet Academy application.

By the final season of TNG , the series was beginning to strain to find new stories to tell about the much-loved cast. On the face of it, audiences had seen the basic concept of "Parallels" before — a crew member finds themselves traveling to a different dimension without any control — but what makes this episode special isn't just the insight it provides into the usually all-too-insular Worf, but also the thrill of seeing so many "What If"?

As the series headed towards its conclusion, it was a surprisingly graceful, and fun, way to provide fan service without ruining the show as a whole. Having successfully defined the Borg as an almost unbeatable hive mind of destructive force, "I, Borg" sets out to do the seemingly impossible and humanize them.

Star Trek: 20 Things Wrong With TNG Everyone Chooses To Ignore

The result is something that speaks as much to Star Trek 's inherent humanist outlook, as one Borg is given his individuality back while Picard and Guinan are forced to overcome their own prejudices against the enemy that in some ways ruined both of their lives. More ethically tricky than a lot of TNG , it's to be lauded for showing how flawed the leads can be — and also raising the specter of the many deaths the Enterprise was responsible for in "The Best of Both Worlds" two-parter.

The Next Chapter in Story Development

Wesley persuades Riker and Data to set the self-destruct while the mimic ship is copying the Enterprise , so it replicates the destruct sequence knowing the real Enterprise will be saved by the power drain. Wesley then completes the job by setting the fake Enterprise to overload. With the mimic ship destroyed, the Ontailians elect to remain in the Federation on condition events are not made public and Picard is restored to command.

Wesley is welcomed back into the fold by the Traveler and selects Korgan as his apprentice. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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