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Popover Jacket Cornstalk. One Pocket Shirt Blue Depths. One Pocket Shirt Cerulean. Western Shirt Scarlet Red. Logo Hoodie White. Graphic Hoodie Mid Grey Mel. Colorblock Crew Sweater Turkish Sea. His last novel, Le livre de la faim et de la soif , was published in Cal Flyn is an award-winning author and journalist from the Highlands of Scotland. She worked as an investigative reporter for The Sunday Times and the Telegraph before turning to literary non-fiction.

Her first book, Thicker than Water , was published in by HarperCollins, and dealt with questions of colonialism and intergenerational guilt. She now writes mainly on nature and the outdoors and is currently working on a second book, on the ecology of abandoned places, expected in He is one of the founding members of Inculte collective. He also writes radio plays for France Culture and works with several magazines and journals.

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Born in in South Korea, Woosung Sohn is an artist, an editor and a poet. He questions language, the relationship between languages and the relationship between languages and images. Born in Bucharest in , Raluca Antonescu arrived in Switzerland when she was four years old. She spent most of her childhood in a Swiss German village before settling in Geneva.

Elisa Wouk Almino is a writer, editor, and translator based in Los Angeles.

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She is also the editor of an artist monograph for Rizzoli, forthcoming in She has taught an Introduction to Translation course with the literary magazine Catapult in Since she is a columnist with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. Maybe Esther is her first book. A winner of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize and several other literature awards, Maybe Esther has been translated into twenty languages.

Shirin Barghnavard is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in Tehran, Iran.

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Since she has been actively working as a writer, director, producer and editor of many award-winning short and feature length fiction and documentary films such as Poets of Life , Scenes from a Divorce and Profession : Documentarist. In her documentary films, Shirin Barghnavard combines general social issues with specific research on the role of women in the society. Born in Dole in , Sandra de Vivies currently lives in Brussels and works as a journalist and consultant. Her first novel, Le retour de Pierre , written in in search of a publisher , is a family auto-fiction.

Continuously taking heed of the way the material behaves, she bets on the unexpected.

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The projects she works on all combine natural elements, lightness and mischief, thus allowing the unfolding of an array of poetical strings where frailty meets robustness. Fabienne Radi studied geography and geology, library and information science, and then the arts, which finally brought her to writing.

She writes essays, micro-narratives, lists and poems. She co-managed the magazine Tissu from to To date, she published three collections of essays on art, two books of micro-fictions and one novel. Simona Mambrini is a translator, a translation studies specialist and a lexicographer.

She studied literature before moving on to literary translation.

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