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How to compute the journey of Prophetic Language under Judgment Hour??????? After his resurrection, all Souls, angels and Universal spirits journeying under the Spirit of Christ Judgment as fulfillment of Holy Scriptures resurrected too with three path of destiny, as follows;. When a Citizen write the name of candidate as receiver of the Holy Vote, a Holy mandate from Heart is sealed. In the discussing of State Law, a Citizen of State swearing the bow of co-decision makers of God c Knowledge of Law — It is sharing by obeying the State internal rules and regulation IRR , as good taxes contributor, state justice witness, state law protector and promoter.

Otherwise, there is no evil actions can be existed in State with responsible Citizens as state foundation for establishment of Universal Society. The 20 years and 6 months In addition, there are two preparations to be calculated to wit;. The numbers of question marks represents the Wisdom mission through our Hearts as complete package for Christ Brotherhood or Elder-ships level of Life.

Spirit of Winds;. The second clan is Ishmael sons known in community of Muslims.


The gospel of John confirmed the origins of Word and in Baptism of Jesus in river Jordan confirmed his Son-ship and in transfiguration confirmed his Elder-ship b Islam stands its faith based on Quran book Surah that God will not begot or bear a son as Catholic claims. Living outside the Ark of Noah as Citizen-ships category. The Catholic Church as only authorized institution under Spirit of Christ for Baptism of the entire earth planet sounds as rejuvenation of the destroyed Garden of Paradise or Eden.

The main reasons of renegades angels and Universal spirits revolts in Heaven because jealousness. On the part of Human Soul is 4th Light Heaven. This is the reason why the field Heaven or visible universe is necessary to process up to st billion years, by means of all rejected Souls and angels as well as Universal spirits belong to Kingdom of Darkness and as origins of the new spiritual clans that will start on the next billion years.

The system of life will end in second coming of the Son of Man,. A Universal Author or Wi.

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It is understood that a Power of Wisdom as grace of God through 4 levels of Minds, and will be able to learn by studies and reading and sacrifices in accordance with Faith and Law and Love. And no Angels, Saints and Universal spirits as well as Human being can claim it. Otherwise, All trusted by God from 2nd and 3rd Light Heavens are worthy to interpret it by King-ships of Holy Trinity mandates as a whole.

Noah was years old when he entered the ARK and waters filled the earth.

Let start in your little way of sharing founded by great Loved!!! In order to understand about these matters, an initial biblical Mathematics details about Sixth or Field Heaven sizes are as follows;. Earth Planet — million sq. The second half is Pres. It is not co-incidence that the first American Woman will be the successor of Pres. How about the different Beliefs as well as other Nations with different system of Leaderships or nondemocratic powers of State?????


Catechism of The Catholic Church #2688

See below;. It is like a vow of partnerships in love that groom and bride under the eternal covenant of happiness and sorrows,.

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That is why respecting the Voice of people as observing the foundation of Universal Society founded in Jesus and Pilate encountered in the judgment seat. At that time, Pontius Pilate can free Jesus in exchanged of ignoring the Voice of people to crucify Him. To prove that you are true leader with word of honor, please declare worldwide, that you will not accept any foreign aid and will return all donations received by Aquino administration.

The present budget as you proposed is three times larger than Aquino government Php. To prove that you are not misleading and cheating the Nation, let stop the extrajudicial killings. Otherwise, ignoring the challenges sounds of accepting as LIAR one and trying to mislead the nation as part of Darkness powers. And a leader of state with opposite activities become the subject of the Universal Law through Universal Council refers to restored United Nations to remove them from power as trusted by God of exercise Human Rights.

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The Universal partnerships headed by Popes and US Chairmen respectively, which will remain until second coming. The preparations of final battle between powers of Darkness and Light Rev. Aspiring to be a Head of America — Mr. Both of them with Mr. The North Korea is anti-America 4. Faith — Mr. Faith — Felix Y. Soriano founded Church of God in Pampanga, Philippines 7. Most of all, the Last Supper as continuing through Holy Eucharistic celebration 9.

And God saw that it is hard to convince the world under one level of faith and state leaderships, He therefore, declares a Universal Society as origins and right direction of humankind in the last day. Otherwise, all beliefs against them determines as powers of darkness.

It is understood that the Holy Bible is eternal book as Catholic Church constitution.

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And the books are reference of the Universal Society under preparations of second coming of the King of the Universe Christ. All Authors and readers must accept the two divisions of Books determining as powers of light, and all against it as powers of darkness,. Obama and United Nations. Of course, gradual sacrifices must be the first one to be able to receive the highest reward than the rewards of the angels of heavens.

Today is the 49th year of Tito D. Mind of Wisdom 1. Interpretation — ;. Creation: by Mind O based on the Scientific processes U as modern day Major Patriarchs and Prophets and Apostles, as follows;. I am personally appeal to all Catholic leaders on earth headed by Pope Francis as well as United Nations with cooperation of Pres. Obama to spread the fundamental guidelines of LIFE for the sake of all. Any mistake must be forgiven and any good works must be recognized.

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Today is the 49th year of my Tito D. A3s it is understood that only the Universal Wisdom Interpreter Wi. I know that you cannot tolerate evildoers; you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them to be false. To everyone who conquers, I will give permission to eat from the tree of life that is in the paradise of God.

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All of us called by God for a specific purposed and all of us have a freedom of choice in which level of life may fulfill? Also another book was opened, the book of life.

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And the dead were judged according to their works, as recorded in the books. This is the second death, the lake of fire;. Bowing the Head — Fully respect the presence of God 2. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh. Do this in remembrance of me. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me. The volumes of book represent the entire processes of life and the rd volume is fundamental process of GLORY with two divisions of powers Dignity of Leaderships and Glory of Happiness. How can we count the numbers of years in our mission???????

In doing it, counting of numbers of year in temporal world is not necessary. For the nonbelievers, it is stupidity and for the wise people in this temporal world of sinners, it is nothing but merely part of imaginations of the individuals were journeying with FAITH. But those were stay until the end will be saved. To voice out for creating a new Law. As of now, such process of law is continue sounds as details of the Philippine Constitution.

Let us unite to stop a new HITLER on earth and pray for him to change his actions, words and minds for the sake of the Filipinos and life. It is good for those who believes in temporal things and satisfactions in life. The New born dictator of the Philippines must be changed his characters based on the following levels of actions;.

He do not know that most of the needs of the drug victims are lack of jobs after corrupts employers and leaders of state. This message addressing to present and so-called Head of the 16 million Filipinos voted him, and trying to kill the 90 million people of the Philippines were opposed him.

Priest is human being, but his authority to baptize and forgive is part of Christ Kingdom processes.